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 Rules and Conditions of the ClickBrokers Banner Exchange:

Click Brokers is the only banner exchange program that allows you to earn credits when some one signs up via your site. For every 4 impressions on any site that joined Click Brokers via your site you will earn one credit. This give you the opportunity to earn thousands of times more credits compared to any other banner exchange program! You will also earn one credit for every two impressions on your site. You can also earn bonus credits, when someone clicks on a banner you earn 2 credits

100 people sign up via your site:
If each site gets 1000 impressions per day:
100 site times 1000 impressions = 100,000, you get 25,000 credits per day, plus credits from your own site.
This means your banner will be show over 25,000 times a day.
Other banner exchange programs give you no rewards for sending them business, we do!

Your CORRECT name, email address, site URL and banner URL must be supplied.

All exchange members must display the ClickBrokers Exchange banner HTML code supplied to them on their website.

Banners must be in the .jpg or .gif format, less than 15k in size and 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high.

The Exchange cannot be held responsible for any banners that may be displayed on your page. However the rules stated above will be enforced as rigidly as possible.

Earn thousands of times more credits compared to any other linking program